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Metal offers several distinct advantages over other roofing substrates:

In terms of weight, metal is a lightweight substrate. Metal weighs about 40 to 120 pounds per square as opposed to asphalt /fiberglass shingles at 210 to 350 pounds per square, wood shingles/shakes at 200 to 300 pounds per square (400 to 600 pounds per square when wet), and clay/cement tiles that weight 800 to 1,000 pounds per square.

Metal offers a light roof for pre-owned homes with structural weakness. In new construction, metal offers savings in the structural design of a home because of its light weight.

Fire Resistance Qualities
Metal has outstanding fire resistance qualities. Metal will not burn or support combustion from any source.

Metal qualifies for a Factory Mutual Class A fire rating, unlike asphalt and wood shake shingles which are combustible. Wood shingles have been banned in residential construction in parts of California for this reason.

This advantage of metal roofing could be reflected in lower insurance rates and fewer home fires initiated by wind-born sparks.

Wind Resistance
Metal roofing has greater wind resistance ability than some other products. Metal roofs can withstand 90+ mph wind velocity compared to wood shingles at 50 - 60 mph or asphalt shingles at 60 - 70 mph. Metal roofs will not need periodic repair, replacement, or maintenance because of wind or storm damage.

Water Absorption Rate
Metal roofs have the lowest rate of water absorption, less than 1%, compared to wood shingles at 100%, asphalt shingles between 10 - 20%, and clay/cement tiles at 5 - 10%. Water absorption by roofing products tends to damage roofing substrates by rotting, cracking, or freeze/thaw cycle, eventually causing roof failure or replacement.

Energy Efficient
Metal roofs are the most energy efficient in that they reflect heat, reducing cooling requirements up to 40%. While clay/cement tiles and wood shakes and shingles offer very minimal insulation value. Asphalt shingles even absorb radiant heat increasing cooling requirements!

Colors Available
Pre-painted metal roofing comes in a variety of colors with a 10 to 40 year finish. The colors blend in well with other substrates like wood, brick, or concrete. Other roofing products require periodic maintenance or offer limited refinishing choices.

Installed Cost
The installed cost of metal roofs compares favorably with other roofs at less than 50% of the cost of clay/cement tile which runs between $500 to $600 a square and about the same as wood shingles/shakes at $225 to $300 a square. Life expectancy of a metal roof is from 20 to 50 years.

If properly installed, a metal roof requires little or no maintenance at all during its life expectancy. Life cycle cost of metal roofing is at $8.57/yr compared to clay/cement tiles at $11.40/yr or wood shakes or shingles at $21.00/yr.